Saturday, 23 February 2013

Y.O.U, Who Never

Reminiscing the first love. Ten years ago. He was 19. Tragic. Tighten. He may said that it was his fault but it is definitely the fate. The baby in his girl womb, and also his girl has been taken by God from the world. He rejected the baby but his girl keeps fighting for that baby.

She desperately force him to accept that tiny creature.

Then, he strongly oppose his girl. Without knowing any fate that might face him afterwards, he left the girl. But he still, do loves the girl.

She chased him. On the way, by the quiet roadside, suddenly came a lorry. Bangggg ! Hits her perfect body and in the perfect body got a perfect baby.

He lives for the entire 29 years in guilt. Rebel ! Rebel to himself. Big liar, player, gambler. That's him after 10 years since he was 19. For him, now or never, he can't define love anymore.

Until this one fine day, he met a plain, innocent girl who'd ask for help. He helped her. Love begins !

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