Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Precious Momentos !

What it means to be a student. And how does a student life goes on. Ali said, "student life is very complicated plus it is so stressful". But, Abu said, "I really enjoy my life as a student". Then now, it's my turn to voice out my thoughts ! Aliya : Being a KIRKBY-IANS always made me feel so great. ohh really?? hope so then. As I spent my life over here, there are so many event that had been condcuted. MerdekaRaya, Maulidul Rasul, Chinese New Year, blablabla. So, just like usual I'll just stick some pictures of those events.peaceeeee ^^V !

                           Of Maulidul Rasul Kirkby International College

                                     The guys with 'bubur as-syura'

                                  The preparation for 'bubur as-syura'

                                  During Chinese New Year Celebration

                                 Eidul Fitri at Kirkby. *Faten, Me, Fifi*

                                   Once a FROSTY, always a FROSTY !

Roughly, this is my life as  a Kirkby student and I hope there will be always a great upcoming event soon!

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